MTCH 212


MTCH 212

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  • ***A newer version of this cab is available here as the MTCH 212 ESD-V2.  The older version below will remain available due to the pack's success, but the new version offers more mics, more IRs, a different cabinet, and all of the capture improvements and clarity found in newer York Audio releases.

    The York Audio MTCH 212 is based on a Matchless ESD 212 loaded with custom voiced Celestion M25 and H30 speakers exclusively made for Matchless products.  This Cab Pack perfectly captures that signature tone for gorgeous etherial cleans, Class-A grit, and singing leads.  Multi-mic mixes are included for each speaker as well as speaker blends of the M25 and H30 speakers for some beautifully complex tones.


    Mics included in this Cab Pack:

    57 - based on a Shure SM57

    421 - based on a vintage Sennheiser MD421

    906 - based on a Sennheiser e906

    121 -based on a Royer R-121

    160 - based on a Beryerdynamic M160

    414 - based on an AKG C414


    All products have been tested with Fractal Audio Systems™, Line 6™, and Kemper™ hardware, as well as VST plug-ins to ensure seamless integration with your digital modeling units.


    York Audio products are licensed, not owned.  It is illegal to share York Audio products, so please  support our brand and ensure more great content by purchasing your desired products.  All sales are final, as there are no refunds on digital goods.

  • All Cab Packs come in .WAV format in 24-bit 96k, 48k, and 44.1k files.

    All IR's are 500ms for maximum resolution.  Hardware units that require shorter files will automatically truncate 500ms files to the unit's preferred length upon import.

    Raw and MPT versions are provided.

    Fractal Audio™, Line 6™ Helix, Atomic™ Amplifire, and most IR loading amp modelers utilize 48k files.

    Kemper™ units ulitize 44.1k files.

    Strymon™ Iridium utilizes 96k files.

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